Mission Work

May 18, Gambisa Africa

We headed off to Africa May 18th and we stayed for 14 days 10 day did God's work and 4 days of travel. When we arrived to the village of Gambisa we were shown around by pastor Joshua Msipa. We met the church and gathered people who wanted to evangelize and learn how to pray for others. Then we walked village to village in a different directions each day with about 20 members sharing God's love. Each home is a small pot where the grow their own food and livestock, out there they only have what they can grow for food there is not much access to shops or money. Many of the people ask us to bless their land so their family can eat, many also asked for us to pray over their eyes, backs, and legs. 4 days we worked and then the Lord says, "and now you let them" and me and Steven showed them how to pray for each other and the Holy Ghost took over the congregation. They ministered in great power and great things, all together 50 people said they was healed, 6 had their eyesight restored, many was healed in their backs, and one man's leg was healed.

The After teaching them how easy it is the go out and evangelize and to help people with their needs. We decided to help the pastor out, him and his family have been living in the church for 14 years trying to build a house to get out of the church. We gave him 3500 dollars to finish his home and there was enough to also help fix the church. All that, was thanks to the donations and love of you people willing to support Light Walkers Ministry and we thank you so much for being a partner of this journey for Christ.

Back in the state we are trying to encourage people to get out and invite people to their church and evangelize here. We hope to return to Africa next year in June, we hope to bring more people to go, help evangelize and bring God's love and blessings. Thank you again for your support and God bless you.

“Love Makes Everything Beautiful”

― Song Of Songs―