About the project

We this page is dedicated to the different testimonies given by the people God's Light Walkers ministry has touched through the years in the prisons, working at schools, speaking at churches, going to Africa, and life experiences.


Zimbabwe, Africa

This man was using sticks as crutches because he didn't have normal legs. When Kevin laid hands on him for prayer, Kevin discovered one of his legs was so thin the man had wrapped it in cardboard to look like the other leg. After the payer the man stood up and began walking without the sticks to hold his weight. He walked and helped spread God's glory for the rest of our journey.

”I was roofing a house for a neighbor of mine, named Jim Copitt. One of his rent houses, around 1:00pm I heard and saw an ambulance pull into Jim's driveway. I hurried down from the roof and drove over to Jim's. EMT Twyla Owens told me she was coming out to get a defibrillator from the ambulance. I walked into the house, the fire of the Holy Ghost came upon me, and I ran back to his bedroom. As I came into his room his wife was sitting in a chair. His daughter-in-law was performing CPR on him, Mrs. Colpitt said to me, "not right now, Kevin" I shouted at her that I needed for her to get out of the way. His daughter-in-law looked up at me and moved away. I walked over to Jim and slapped his upper chest very hard and commanded life to come back into his body and told him to breath. He took a big breath of air and a large smile came across his face. And he lived 2 1/2 more years. For the Glory of God... thank you Jesus”

- Kevin Coe -